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Alltec Engravers
1010 Commonwealth Ave SW
Polk City, FL 33868

Phone: 863-984-2145

Outside the Polk City area? No
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Professional / Commercial Engraving Services
Aerospace and Aircraft Parts
- Identification or information cut into your parts
- Numbered dials with increment lines cut to military
- Control panels and dials

Ammunition Manufacturing Dies
- Raised lettering identifying manufacturer and caliber
- Electrical discharge machined (E.D.M.) onto your
   hardened dies
Blow Molds
- Intricate shaped bottles or containers with manufacturers logos and recycle logos
  cut into your mold base or inserts
Antique Auto Parts
- Restoration

E.D.M. "Electrical  Discharge Machining”

- Logos or characters raised or sunk can be created
- Contours are not a problem
- Very small characters are our specialty
- Electrodes
- Raised or sunk
- Graphite or copper
- On your holder
- Logos cut into your mold base or inserts.

- Alltec Engravers is a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer
  (FFL Holder)
- Worn serial numbers re-cut, added to slide, bolt, etc. 
- All BATF laws apply
- Porting, cocking serrations and text
- AR-15 SBR Lowers engraved to BATF/NFA specs:
   slides, frames, barrels, logos, jeweling or engine turning

Glass Engraving
- Freehand and machine

Hot Glass Dies
- Cut, raised or sunk in graphite or brass

Injection Molds and Die Cast Molds
- We cut hardened tool steel
- Finish your mold and Alltec will cut or E.D.M. logos,
   part numbers, cavity ID or information on your mold
   inserts, cores, sleeves or ejector pins

Jewelry Marking Stamps
- Raised lettering with company mark and ID (14K-Sterling, etc.)
Motorcycle Parts
- Your artwork, text or logo

Promotional Items
Prototype Medical Machinery and Equipment
- Any type information or markings cut into your parts
Punch Press Stamps
- Cut raised on your hardened steel blanks

Ship Bells and Yacht Bells
- As a supplier to the US Navy, we have engraved
   numerous ship bells for Guided Missile Destroyers
   (250 lb. 2’ x 2’ brass)
- If your vessel is smaller than a destroyer, we can
   engrave your bell, too.  We can also engrave your
   custom instrument panels.

Vacuum Forming Dies and Molds
- Read right or reversed logos, as well as information,
   sunk or raised on your molds or inserts
- For parts or packaging

Our Mission
"Our only mission is to provide top quality workmanship for all of your metal engraving needs." - Thomas Cochran, Founder
Our Services
Aerospace and Aircraft Parts
Ammunition Manufacturing Dies
Blow Molds
Antique Auto Parts
Glass Engraving